Learn 3Ds Max 2015 Video Training Tutorial Dvd

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Learn 3Ds Max 2015 Video Training Tutorial Dvd

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Brand :   Easy learning DVDs

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Ideal Course :   CDS

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Subject :   Career

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Language :   English

Duration : 10h 43mLevel : BeginnerIntroduction 2m 6sWelcome 1m 2sUsing the exercise files 1m 4s1. Getting Started 14m 44s Using project folders 5m 42s Customize user interface and defaults 4m 4s Setting preferences 4m 58s2. 3ds Max Interface 49m 17sGetting familiar with the interface 3m 39sUsing the Create and Modify panels 3m 36sChoosing units of measurement 4m 12sControlling the grid display 5m 16sNavigating in viewports 6m 2sUsing hotkeys 5m 55sTransforming objects 7m 26sChoosing shading modes 6m 30sConfiguring viewports 6m 41s3. Modeling Basics 37m 49sCreating an image plane 6m 1sControlling Display properties 2m 28sCreating primitives 7m 4sWorking with Scene Explorer 3m 39sUnderstanding level of detail 2m 46sWorking with the modifier stack 3m 38sUnderstanding dependencies 5m 23sCollapsing the modifier stack 6m 50s4. Polygon Modeling 1h 5mUsing the Graphite ribbon with Editable Poly 4m 47sWorking with subobjects 6m 0sWelding vertices 6m 47sChoosing a transform center 4m 22sDetailing with Cut and Remove 4m 30sDetailing with QuickSlice 4m 56sUsing soft selection 4m 9sFaceting corners with Chamfer 3m 2sUsing Window/Crossing Selection 2m 50sUsing Paint Selection 5m 21sCombining objects with Attach 1m 44sJoining elements with Bridge 4m 39sBranching polygons with Extrude 3m 44sSmoothing and hardening edges 8m 46s5. Subdivision Surface Modeling 43m 50sUnderstanding subdivision surfaces 7m 35sCreating an editable poly object 4m 29sAdding the Symmetry modifier 3m 30sChoosing NURMS or TurboSmooth 7m 16sRoughing out the shape 8m 9sInserting edge loops with SwiftLoop 3m 8sConstraining subobject transforms 1m 37sWelding the seam 1m 59sAdding asymmetry 2m 14sBaking subdivisions 3m 53s6. Free-Form Modeling 35m 52sSculpting with Paint Deform 6m 33sUsing Noise and Relax Brushes 4m 30sSetting Paint options 3m 46sControlling Brush options 5m 11sConforming one object to another 3m 53sSculpting with Conform Transform brushes 5m 52sDuplication with Object Paint 4m 20sPositioning objects with Select and Place 1m 47s7. Spline Modeling 33m 32sCreating a line 2m 21sMoving a pivot point 1m 37sRevolving a surface with a Lathe modifier 2m 27sUsing different vertex types 3m 4sUsing axis constraints 6m 14sExtending a spline 4m 8sSnapping an Arc primitive 2m 23sCombining splines with Attach and Merge 1m 31sRounding corners with Fillet 1m 28sOffsetting a spline with Outline 4m 13sAdjusting level of detail with Interpolation 4m 6s8. NURBS Modeling 31m 34sUnderstanding NURBS 2m 48sCreating NURBS curves 4m 24sConverting objects to NURBS 3m 32sCloning subobjects 3m 13sCreating a U loft surface 3m 29sRebuilding curves 3m 18sSetting Surface Approximation 6m 36sGrouping objects 4m 14s9. Hierarchies 41m 25sUnderstanding hierarchies 3m 1sMoving and rotating pivot points 7m 50sUnderstanding coordinate systems 6m 53sSetting Axis Order for rotation 6m 0sLinking objects 3m 41sUsing the Schematic view 3m 8sLocking transforms 2m 57sAvoiding problems with scale 7m 55s10. 3D Motion Graphic Design 32m 35sExporting paths from Adobe Illustrator 2m 40sImporting Illustrator paths to 3ds Max 1m 20sCreating a Text primitive 4m 25sApplying a Bevel modifier 3m 48sInstancing a modifier 2m 13sEditing text splines 6m 12sViewport clipping 1m 16sControlling level of detail 3m 44sEditing polygons 6m 57s11. Layout and Camera Basics 29m 7sMerging scenes 1m 43sManaging Display layers 5m 0sCreating a target camera 5m 51sEnabling Safe Frames 3m 23sChoosing an aspect ratio in Render Setup 2m 34sAdjusting Field of View 3m 48sUsing a free camera 6m 48s12. Keyframe Animation 40m 17sSetting up Time Configuration 2m 5sChoosing Set Key Filters 2m 11sCreating keyframes in Set Key mode 3m 37sEditing keyframes in the timeline 1m 24sEditing position keys with trajectories 3m 5sEditing function curves in the Curve Editor 8m 33sCreating keyframes in Auto Key mode 5m 55sBuilding up animation in passes 5m 34sEditing keyframes in the Dope Sheet 7m 53s13. Controllers and Constraints 21m 23sUnderstanding controllers 2m 53sAssigning a Link constraint 2m 27sAdding link targets in the Motion panel 1m 56sAnimating constrained objects 4m 47sConstraining animation to a path 9m 20s14. Lighting Basics 54m 32sUnderstanding CG lighting 5m 56sCreating a target spotlight 2m 6sAdjusting intensity and color 2m 33sSetting spotlight Hotspot and Falloff 3m 0sCorrecting gamma 5m 31sPreviewing renders with ActiveShade 3m 13sControlling contrast and highlights 2m 59sChoosing a shadow type 2m 56sOptimizing shadow maps 7m 4sOptimizing area shadows 6m 9sCreating Omni fill lights 6m 16sUsing the Light Lister 2m 49sExcluding objects from lights 4m 0s15. Materials Basics 27m 21sUsing the Slate Material Editor 3m 28sChoosing material and shading types 4m 0sWorking with scene materials 4m 49sAdjusting specular parameters 5m 53sAssigning Multi/Sub-Object materials 9m 11s16. Mapping Textures 46m 48sApplying 3D procedural maps 8m 34sWorking with bitmap image files 4m 32sTracking scene assets 7m 32sProjecting UVW mapping 3m 3sUsing Real-World Map Size 3m 50sMapping a bump channel 2m 25sAdding reflections with a Raytrace map 6m 47sPainting objects with Viewport Canvas 10m 5s17. Rendering Basics 19m 27sChoosing a renderer 6m 7sChoosing Quicksilver options 2m 33sEnabling motion blur in the software renderer 3m 38sRendering image sequences 3m 58sPlaying image sequences in the RAM Player 3m 11s18. Rendering with mental ray 15m 37sControlling mental ray sample quality 4m 28sTuning Final Gather 5m 15sEnabling motion blur in mental ray 3m 18sDistance blurring with depth of field 2m 36sConclusion 24sGoodbye 24s AndExercise_Files 203 MB ======================================================================ThisDVDsare only suitable for a PC/laptop/Mac; itWILL NOTplay on aTV ======================================================================

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